​It's not because I'm a Scrooge.

It's because Santa is representative of materialism, and ingrains the idea that poor people and religious minorities are "bad" since Santa doesn't bring them presents.


It's because my family isn't even Christian.

It's because I've been poor enough in the past that I couldn't afford tampons, and I could easily become that poor again.


It's because my husband has to go to a job he hates in order to give our kid what she needs, so if we buy her a present I'm not giving credit to a mythological creature. If we're short and need to spend money on food, or gas, or heating oil instead of presents, that would in no way corrolate with whether my children are good or bad.

It's because, yeah I believed in Santa, but in retrospect my Dad had to dig clams in November in Canada to pay for all those presents "Santa" gave us, in addition to his regular job of breathing in toxic paint fumes and sanding until his knuckles bled.


It's because the shittiest kid at school always DOES get presents from Santa.

It's because, why do children's Christmas movies almost always revolve around Santa having to "cancel Christmas"? What gives Santa the power to "cancel Christmas"?


It's because there is nothing in this world less endearing than a child's letter to Santa. "Here is a list of expensive shit I want. Most of it is video games that are rated "T". Ain't I ADORABLE!"

So If you ask my kid if she's looking forward to Santa, when she tells you matter of factly that "Santa is for pretend" don't give me that look. I'm not a monster. She's fine. She's spent all month so far excitedly making holiday presents for people, because that's what the holidays are about for her. She's really excited that we're going to celebrate Solstice at our house this year ("Seasons?!!! I LOVE seasons!!!!") When pressed, she told me she would like a book about animals. Can do.

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